cisco crash and core
Configuration Cisco Device for writing core files.
FTP Version
		exception core-file MYROUTERNAME
		exception dump FTPSERVER-IP
		exception protocol ftp
		exception region-size 65356
		ip ftp username FTPUSERNAME
		ip ftp password FTPPASSWORD
and optional, if have som spec. configration.
		ip ftp source-interface INTERFACE
or the TFTP Version
		exception core-file MYROUTERNAME
		exception dump TFTPSERVER-IP
		xception protocol tftp
		exception region-size 65356
enabling or disable writing core files
		exception crashinfo
		no exception crashinfo
Writinge Core Files during runtime.
		router# write core
Crash Infos test
	evil-router#test crash
	WARNING: Command selections marked with '(crash router)' will crash
	         router when issued. However a selection 'C' will need to
	         be issued IMMEDIATELY before these selections to enable them.
	Type the number for the selected crash:
	 1  (crash router) Bus Error, due to invalid address access
	 2  (crash router) Bus Error, due to parity error in Main memory
	 3  (crash router) Bus Error, due to parity error in I/O memory
	 4  (crash router) Address Error, due to fetching code from odd address
	 5  (crash router) Jump to zero
	 6  (crash router) Software forced crash
	 7  (crash router) Illegal read of address zero
	 8  (crash router) Divide by zero
	 9  (crash router) Corrupt memory
	 C  Enable crash router selection marked with (crash router)
	 R  (crash router) User enter read bus error address
	 U  (crash router) User enter write bus error address
	 W  (crash router) Software watchdog timeout (*** Watch Dog Timeout ***)
	 w  (crash router) Process watchdog timeout (SYS-2-WATCHDOG)
	 d  Disable crashinfo collection
	 e  Enable crashinfo collection
	 i  Display contents of current crashinfo flash file
	 m  Write crashinfo on crashinfo RAM
	 n  Change crashinfo flash file name
	 q  Exit crash menu
	 s  Save crashinfo to current crashinfo flash file
	 c  Close current crashinfo flash file
	 t  Write crashinfo on console TTY
	 x  Exit crash menu
Importend Requierments for FTP and TFTP
- make sure, that you have route to the FTP host (best is static)
- test Username and login (anonymous is prossible)
- have write permissions to the FTP Server
- FTP use passive FTP only
- Test with write core !

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