Cisco Router as HTTP Server

howto build a Cisco small HTTP Server
First, you need to create a HTML file like the following:
	<H3>Hello my little Cisco Router</H3>
Copy this file to the Router with tftp or your favorite file copy procedure to the router.
The File Name should be home.html for http and/or home.shtml for https.
	ip http server 		start http daemon
	ip http path flash:     set path to httproot
for Testing, start a Browser and connect to the Router
Example: and you see on the Browser

Hello my little Cisco Router

You can insert Pictures and wht ever you whant.
Usefull Command Line to see, what the Webserver is doing.
	evil-router#show ip http server status
	HTTP server status: Enabled
	HTTP server port: 80
	HTTP server authentication method: enable
	HTTP server access class: 0
	HTTP server base path: flash:u
	HTTP server help root:
	Maximum number of concurrent server connections allowed: 5
	Server idle time-out: 180 seconds
	Server life time-out: 180 seconds
	Maximum number of requests allowed on a connection: 1
	HTTP server active session modules: ALL
	HTTP secure server capability: Present
	HTTP secure server status: Disabled
	HTTP secure server port: 443
	HTTP secure server ciphersuite: 3des-ede-cbc-sha des-cbc-sha rc4-128-md5 rc4-128-sha
	HTTP secure server client authentication: Disabled
	HTTP secure server trustpoint:
	HTTP secure server active session modules: ALL

Cisco Router as HTTP Server

ip http ?
  access-class                   Restrict http server access by access-class
  active-session-modules         Set up active http server session modules
  authentication                 Set http server authentication method
  client                         Set http client parameters
  help-path                      HTML help root URL
  max-connections                Set maximum number of concurrent http server
  path                           Set base path for HTML
  port                           Set http server port
  secure-active-session-modules  Set up active http secure server session
  secure-ciphersuite             Set http secure server ciphersuite
  secure-client-auth             Set http secure server with client
  secure-port                    Set http secure server port number for
  secure-server                  Enable HTTP secure server
  secure-trustpoint              Set http secure server certificate trustpoint
  server                         Enable http server
  session-module-list            Set up a http(s) server session module list
  timeout-policy                 Set http server time-out policy parameters
Some other intresting commands
  show ip http server session-module
  ip http session-module-list list-name module-list
     ip http session-module-list NoExec HTTP_IFS,HOME_PAGE,QDM,SML_Api

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