Cisco SLA Commands
ip sla
With "ip sla" (or on older Version "ip rtr" or "ip sla monitor" it's possile to Monitor the SLA of some Services.
To find out, what Services are soupported, try
	evil-router#show ip sla application     (or show rtr application) 
	IP Service Level Agreement Technologies
	IPSLAs Infrastructure version: Engine-II
	Supported Operation Types:
	        dhcp, dns, echo, frameRelay, ftp, http, icmpJitter, jitter
	        pathEcho, pathJitter, tcpConnect, udpEcho, voip
	Supported Features:
	        IPSLAs Event Publisher
	IP SLAs low memory water mark: 0
	Estimated system max number of entries: 7017
	Estimated number of configurable operations: 7017
	Number of Entries configured  : 0
	Number of active Entries      : 0
	Number of pending Entries     : 0
	Number of inactive Entries    : 0
	Last time the operation configuration changed: *12:06:22.060 UTC Fri Jan 2 2009
For Detailed Manual, watch on cisco Homepage.

Some Usefull commands
	sh ip sla statistics detailed
	sh ip sla configuration
Some Hints and Tips
If you are using the Option "control enable", its nessesary, that on the other side a IP SLA responder is runing, (Normaly a Cisco Device) and the IP SLA Controll Port UDP 1967 is open.
With the Option "control disable" the is no need for a responder, also in ICMP, HTTP, and FTP tests.

Cisco ip sla samples
ip sla sample 1
    ip sla 1
    timeout 500 
    frequency 3 
    ip sla schedule 1 start-time now life forever 
    track 1 rtr 1 reachability 

    event manager applet SLA_DOWN
    event snmp oid get-type exact entry-op eq entry-val 1 exit-op eq exit-val 2 poll-interval 5
    action 1.0 syslog msg "SLA Down"

    event manager applet SLA_UP
    event snmp oid get-type exact entry-op eq entry-val 2 exit-op eq exit-val 1 poll-interval 5
    action 1.0 syslog msg "SLA Up"

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Cisco IP SLA Infos

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