On this Site you find Infomation about
- Network Sniffing
- Network Security
- Network Analysing
- Network Troubleshooting
- Network Forensic
- Scripts for Packet Crafting
- Scripts for Traffic Analysing
- Filters for Wireshark / tcpdump
- Securing and Monitoring Cisco Devices
- Information about Software/Hardware in the Network Enviroment

IPv6 The NEW network hackers playground on 0sec 2011
attacking III with Cisco Devices HSLU 2011
attacking II with Cisco Devices Hashdays 2010
attacking with Cisco Devices PH-Neutral 0x7d9
cisco misusage presentation on 0sec 2008 (0x736563.org)

Wireshark Workshop 10.Mai 2010

NEW Infos
Cisco TCL Script for twitter API
Create Packets with IP SLA for DoS (update)
ICMP Flooding with Ping
New Version of scanip.tcl
Faked Cisco Hardware Possible_Counterfeit_Routers.pdf
cisco netcat
udpflood tool
fun with hostname command

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