Mausezahn is a fast network traffic generator written in C which allows the user to craft nearly every possible and "impossible" packet.

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Mausezahn 0.34.6 - (C) 2007, 2008 by Herbert Haas -
| USAGE: mz [options] [interface] keyword | arg_string | hex_string
| Short option description (see doc or manpage for more information):
|  -h                    Prints this information.
|  -c             Send the packet count times (default: 1, infinite: 0).
|  -d             Apply delay between transmissions. The delay value can be
|                        specified in usec (default, no additional unit needed), or in
|                        msec (e. g. 100m or 100msec), or in seconds (e. g. 100s or 100sec).
|  -p            Pad the raw frame to specified length (using random bytes).
|  -a   Use specified source mac address, no matter what has
|                        been specified with other arguments. Keywords see below.
|                        Default is own interface MAC.
|  -b   Same with destination mac address.
|                        Keywords are:
|          rand            use a random MAC address
|          bc              use a broadcast MAC address
|          own             use own interface MAC address (default for source MAC)
|          stp             use IEEE 802.1d STP multicast address
|          cisco           use Cisco multicast address as used for CDP, VTP, or PVST+
|  -A            Use specified source IP address (default is own interface IP).
|  -B   Send packet to specified destination IP or domain name.
|  -P     Use a cleartext payload.
|  -Q <[CoS:]vlan>       Specify 802.1Q VLAN tag and optional Class of Service. You can
|                        specify multiple 802.1Q VLAN tags (QinQ...) by separating them
|                        via a comma or a period (e. g. '5:10,20,2:30').
|  -t       Specify packet type for autobuild (you don't need to care for
|                        encapsulations in lower layers. Most packet types allow/require
|                        additional packet-specific arguments in an arg_string.
|                        Currently supported types: arp, bpdu, cdp, ip, icmp, udp, tcp,
|                        dns, rtp.
|                        For context-help use 'help' as arg_string!
|  -T       Specify packet type for server mode. Currently only rtp is supported.
|                        Enter -T help or -T rtp help for further information.
|  -M        Insert a MPLS label. Enter '-M help' for a syntax description.
|  -q                    Quiet mode, i. e. even omit 'important standard short messages'.
|  -v|V                  Verbose mode, i. e. Mausezahn tells you what it does. Capital 'V'
|                        only prints frame information and does not put anything on the wire.

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