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nemesis samples
Samples for setting DSCP Bits
Used to test the Priority queue on e Netopia VDSL Router
	nemesis ip -S -D -t 184   (0xb8) 
	nemesis ip -S -D -t 40    (0x28) 
	nemesis ip -S -D -t 88    (0x58)
Used to test the Priority queue on e Netopia VDSL Router
create syslog entries
	nemesis udp -y 514 -P file.txt -S -D
in the file.txt is the Message to to syslog server.
Some nemesis samples:
Send TCP packet (SYN/ACK) with payload from ascii file 'foo' to target's ssh port from to (-v allows a stdout visual of current injected packet)
	nemesis-tcp -v -S -D -fS -fA -y 22 -P foo 
send UDP packet from to's name-service port with a payload read from a file 'bindpkt'. (again -v is used in order to see confirmation of our injected packet)
	nemesis-udp -v -S -D -x 11111 -y 53 -P bindpkt 
send ICMP REDIRECT (network) packet from to with preferred gateway as source address. Here we want no output to go to stdout - which would be ideal as a component in a batch job via a shell script.
	nemesis-icmp -S -D -G -i 5 
send ARP packet through device n°1 from hardware source address 00:01:02:03:04:05 with IP source address to destination IP address with broadcast destination hardware address. In other words, who-has the mac address of, tell - assuming 00:01:02:03:04:05 is the source mac address of our first
	nemesis-arp -v -d 1 -H 0:1:2:3:4:5 -S -D 
Setup gateway-->me-->victim traffic redirect (poison gateways ARP table):
	nemesis arp -v -r -d eth0 -S victim -D gateway -h myMAC
Setup victim-->me-->gateway traffic redirect (poison victims ARP table):
	emesis arp -v -r -d eth0 -S gateway -D victim -h myMAC
and more
	nemesis-arp -v -S -D 	-H 0:1:2:3:4:5 -h de:ad:be:ef:0:0 -M 00:60:b0:cd:5c:c0 -m 00:60:b0:cd:5c:c0 -d eth0 -T

	nemesis-icmp -S -D -G -i 5
nemesis to join a multicast stream (example from Bluewin TV Enviroment)
	nemesis igmp -v -p 22 -S -i -D

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