Scapy Script
sample python script with scapy inside...
#! /usr/bin/env python
# execute with sudo python 
import sys
from scapy.all import sr1,IP,ICMP
if p:

Important Scapy Commands
execute wireshark with a packet

Display all IP flags
>>> x=IP(flags=(0,7))
>>> [k for k in x]
[<IP  flags= |>, <IP  flags=MF |>, <IP  flags=DF |>, <IP  flags=MF+DF |>, <IP  flags=evil |>, <IP  flags=MF+evil |>, <IP  flags=DF+evil |>, <IP  flags=MF+DF+evil |>]

scapy sniff with tshark like filters.
a=sniff(filter="tcp port 25")
or print sniffed packets
a=sniff(prn = lambda x: x.display)
print detail of packet
a=sniff(prn = lambda x: ls(x))
or send the same packet
a=sniff(filter="udp port 161")
some other sniff samples
sniff(filter="udp and port 53", count=100, iface="eth0")

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