Christoph Weber
Security and network Engineer

You can hire me for network analysis, netforensic and all kind of jobs around capture file analysis.
Workshops with your network people onsite or education with the network sniffing tools for your staff is also possible.

for future information, contact me by email.


we offers the follwoing services directly to your Company:
- Consulting network and security
- Onsite Network Traffic Analysis
- Troubleshooting Network Problems
- finding network Bottlenecks
- traning your technical Staff
- Securing your Cisco Router/Switchs
- Hardening of all Network Devices

Network Analysing
- IP Toubleshooting
- Analysing Your network dump files
- writing new filters for wireshark/tcpdump based on your requierments
- analysing of DDoS Attacks
- network forensic
- finding intruders in your network

currently we offers following courses:
- Wireshark
- Bot Net Detection
- Network Troubleshooting
- Network Monitoring with open source tools

attacking III with Cisco Devices HSLU 2011
attacking II with Cisco Devices Hashdays 2010
attacking with Cisco Devices PH-Neutral 0x7d9
cisco misusage presentation on 0sec 2008 (
Cisco Misusage presentation from 2008
Short Infos on Swisscom Security Workshop

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